Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

Web Hosting - Why Do I Need It?

Can you explain that again please?

If you want to build a website, web hosting doesn’t happen without it. Websites are made up of a series of files which are made up with your text, images and the code that holds it all together.

A Web Hosting service is the storage company which holds this information and makes it accessible to your users who request to see your pages through your purchased domain name – www.your-Company.com.

A Web Host can vary from a small reseller type outfit with a few clients (typically this would be your site builder who also acts as a reseller of web host services) right up to corporations that have revenue in the hundreds of millions per annum.

We have seen a move towards Big Business in the Web Hosting scene as the smaller of the large independents are bought up for what seems to be large sums of money. Considering that these hosting companies haveĀ  tens or hundred’s of thousands, if not millions of websites hosted with them, the prices paid to buy these companies on reflection does not seem so high.

It is the price that the whole community will have to pay if all the independent players are swallowed up and one dominant player remains in the hosting field. The competitive market place we enjoy today with many options and packages could be replaced with higher prices, reduced options and corporation style, dispassionate customer service.

A wake up call to all host companies in my opinion that they have an edge in this market. That is that they have the ability to appeal to this ‘mom ‘n pop store’ perception of service. People want to do business with local stores that know and treat them like friends or family. They want to deal with people that take a pride in the service they offer. they in other words like to be treated special.

Those firms that recognize this and deliver it in spades will have order books and servers full for as long as they wish.

We will post help and advice here in these pages that will guide you through the type of services you should perhaps consider and we will take you through the adventure of website building, getting people to find your site and how to make money online.

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